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November 2021    Volume 104, Number 9



William Binder, MD

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William Binder, MD
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Theme Editor: William Binder, MD
[64-page PDF]

Climate Change and Health:
A Special Edition of the Rhode Island Medical Journal

Examining the impacts of climate change on health, health care institutions, and mitigation strategies
William Binder, MD

Climate Change and Human Health
Nitin S. Damle, MD, MS, MACP

Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health Consensus Statement

Who’s at Risk in a Changing Climate?
Mapping Electricity-Dependent Patient Populations in a Coastal City

Emma Webb, BA; Lakshman Balaji, BDS, MPH; Larry A. Nathanson, MD;
Satchit Balsari, MD, MPH Caleb Dresser, MD, MPH

Asthma Exacerbations Attributable to Ozone Air Pollution in New England
Nicholas J. Nassikas, MD; Keith Spangler, PhD; Gregory A. Wellenius, ScD

Increased Temperatures Are Associated with Increased Utilization of Emergency Medical Services in Rhode Island
Katelyn Moretti, MD, MS; Benjamin Gallo Marin, AB, MD’23; Luke B. Soliman, MTS, MD’23; Nicholas Asselin, DO; Adam R. Aluisio, MD, MSc, DTM&H

Potential Effects of Climate Change on Tick-borne Diseases in Rhode Island
Howard S. Ginsberg, PhD; Jannelle Couret, PhD, MEM; Jason Garrett, BSN, MPH;
Thomas N. Mather, P
hD; Roger A. Lebrun, PhD

Wasting No Time: Implementation and the Climate Impact of a Solid Waste Stream
Process Intervention in a Large Academic Emergency Department

Katelyn Moretti, MD, MS; Rebecca Karb, MD, PhD; Roger Durand; Leo Kobayashi, MD; Alison S. Hayward, MD, MPH

Trends in Waste Production at a Community Hospital during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Kyle Denison Martin, DO, MA, MPH, DTM&H; Jane J. Chen, BS, MD’24;
Jamie Thorndike, BS, MD’24; Winston M
cCormick, BS, MD’23; John Rota, BA;
Brian Berg, DO; Annie Dulski, DO

Trash Talk in the ED: Takeaways from Waste Audits at New England Hospitals
Kyle Denison Martin, DO, MA, MPH, DTM&H; Winston McCormick, BS, MD’23;
Julia Capacci, DO, MS; Katelyn Moretti, MD, MS

The Rhode Island Climate Change and Health Program:
Building Knowledge and Community Resilience

Rachel Calabro, MS; Caroline Hoffman, MPH

Climate Change and Health in New England: A Review of Training and Policy Initiatives at Health Education Institutions and Professional Societies
Caleb Dresser, MD, MPH; Emily Gentile, BS; Rachael Lyons, BS;
Kali Sullivan, BS; Satchit Balsari, MD, MPH

Beyond the Hazard Vulnerability Analysis: Preparing Health Systems for Climate Change
Joshua Baugh, MD, MPP, MHCM; Katie Kemen, MBA; John Messervy, AIA; Paul Biddinger, MD

Providence’s Vulnerability to Floods:
Impacts of Sea Level Rise, Stronger Storms, and Heavier Rainfall

Andrew E. Binder, BA; Selim Suner, MD, MS; H. Curtis Spalding, MPA; Erich Osterberg, PhD

A Case of Heat Stroke in the Era of Climate Change
Fred Varone, MD; William Binder, MD

Frozen Obsession documentary follows URI team studying climate change in the Arctic
Mary Korr

Complete Resolution of Traumatic Indirect Carotid-Cavernous Fistula
Two Years After Inciting Event

James O. Robbins, BA, MD-ScM’22; Nisarg Chhaya, MD; Jamie L. Schaefer, MD

An Unusual Presentation of Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease with Recurrent Fever and Syncope
Quynh-Lan Dao, MD; Bridget Hottenstein, MD; Vijairam Selvaraj, MD, MPH

An Incidental Appendix Cystadenoma in a 47-Year-Old Male
Winston McCormick, BS, MD’23; Yigit Baykara, MD;
Jessica Yoon, MD; Steven Schechter, MD

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Long-Term Health among Adults in Rhode Island
Tracy L. Jackson, PhD, MPH; Karine Monteiro, MPH

Vital Statistics
Roseann Giorgianni, Deputy State Registrar

My Newest Favorite Hallucination
Joseph H. Friedman, MD

Q&A with Providence College Authors of ‘Today’s Health Care Issues’
Mary Korr

Working for You

In the News     [3-page pdf]
HopeHealth Hulitar Hospice Center completes expansion

Federal delegation announces $6.1M for capital improvements at RI Community Health Centers

Miriam receives $11.1M grant to fund COBRE center on stress, trauma in early life

Ortho Rhode Island now offering robotic technology in total and partial joint replacement
at Ortho RI Surgery Center in Warwick

People/Places    [3-page pdf]
Mukesh K. Jain, MD, appointed Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences at Brown

Megan Ranney, MD, appointed Academic Dean at Brown School of Public Health

Mark Deitch, MD, named VP, CMO at Miriam

Kyle S. Nuland, MD, joins University Orthopedics Adult Reconstruction Division

Ross Budacki, MD, joins University Orthopedics Sports Medicine Division

OBITUARIES    [1-page pdf]
Louis A. Corvese, MD
Zhou Weng, MD

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