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Rhode Island Medical Political Action Committee (RIMPAC)

As the political arm of the Rhode Island Medical Society, RIMPAC promotes the engagement and visibility of physicians in the political process.

New address effective
October 6, 2015

405 Promenade Street, Suite A
Providence RI 02908-4811
Fax 401-751-8050

Michael A. Silver, MD, Chair
Elaine C Jones, MD, Treasurer
Alyn L. Adrain, MD
Bruce M. Becker, MD
Gary Bubly, MD
Deborah Cahill, MD
Nitin S. Damle, MD
Karl Felber, DO
Arnold H. Herman, MD
Christopher J. Luttmann, MD
Brandon Maughan, MD
Michael E. Migliori, MD
Josiah D. Rich, MD, MPH
Philip R. Rizzuto, MD
Mark I. Schwager, MD

RIMPAC encourages physicians to exercise their right to vote, support candidates of their personal choice, become candidates for public office themselves, and support RIMPAC and AMPAC (the American Medical Political Action Committee).

RIMPAC contributes to the election campaigns of state-level candidates who are receptive to the public policy concerns of medicine. RIMPAC cooperates with AMPAC and advises AMPAC on federal-level candidates from Rhode Island.

Neither RIMPAC nor RIMS engages in partisan politics or endorses candidates for public office.


Updated 9/29/15

Promenade Street Providence RI