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RIMS-Insurance Brokerage Corporation


New address effective October 6, 2015
405 Promenade Street, Suite B
Providence RI 02908
401-272-1050 or 800-559-6711
Fax 401-272-1051

Board of Directors
Peter A. Hollmann, MD, President
Richard Divver, Treasurer
Newell E. Warde, PhD, COO and Secretary
David P. Carter, MD
Yul D. Ejnes, MD
Sarah J. Fessler, MD
Arthur A. Frazzano, MD
Russell A. Settipane, MD
Diane R. Siedlecki, MD
Tilak K. Verma, MD

Newell E. Warde, PhD
Chief Operating Officer

Robert A. Anderson Jr

Cheryl A. Turcotte
Executive Assistant

In business since 1988, the RIMS Insurance Brokerage Corporation (RIMS-IBC) is a wholly-owned, for-profit subsidiary of the Rhode Island Medical Society. Now a full-service agency, the RIMS-IBC remains primarily focused on medical professional liability insurance, where the IBC’s exceptional level of expertise and professional service offers unique value to doctors.

Medical liability coverage is of paramount importance to the financial security and professional reputation of every physician, but the market for such coverage is notoriously treacherous and confusing.  The RIMS-IBC is proud to place business with two of the strongest and most respected insurers in the nation. Coverys and NORCAL Mutual are both rated “A” by A.M. Best and both have the DNA of physician-owned and physician-directed mutual insurance companies in their family trees.

The RIMS-IBC offers an expanding palette of high-quality personal and business products through its co-brokerage agreement with Butler & Messier Insurance of Pawtucket, in addition to the long-standing relationship with the service-oriented Good Neighbor Alliance Corporation in Coventry for life, health and disability coverage.

The staff of the RIMS-IBC knows how to help physicians, group practices and their employees and families understand their options and make wise choices tailored to their business and personal needs and timetables.

For more information, call the RIMS-IBC at

Updated 5/18/16


Promenade Street Providence RI