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Rhode Island Society of Anesthesiologists

The Rhode Island Society of Anesthesiologists is an organization for licensed physicians in Rhode Island who are engaged in the practice of, or who are otherwise interested in anesthesiology. RISA works to raise the standards of the specialty by fostering and encouraging research and scientific progress in anesthesiology.

The Rhode Island Society of Anesthesiologists is a component society of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, is represented on the Council of the Rhode Island Medical Society, and represents the profession on various state regulatory agencies.


2012 Annual meeting

Richard Browning, MD [left photo] and Chafic Raad, MD [right photo] received the Rhode Island Society of Anesthesiologists' Distinguished Service Award from Fred Burgess, MD. The awards read:
"In recognition and appreciation of your exemplary contributions to the Rhode Island Society of Anesthesiologists and to the people of Rhode Island as an insightful leader, clinician, mentor, and caring physician."

Brett Arron, MD presented Fred Burgess, MD the past-president's plaque for his professionalism, dedication, and leadership on behalf of the society.


2010 ASA legislative Meeting

RISA President Fred Burgess, MD; ASA President Alex Hannenberg, MD; RISA Delegate Fred Rotenberg, MD; RISA PAC Chair Deborah Cahill, MD

RISA Executive Committee (2016–2018)

Rafael E. Padilla, MD

Vice President
Stephen Panaro, MD

Tzong-Huei Herbert Chen, MD

Evan Burke, MD

Immediate Past President
Afreen Siddiqui, MD


Brett Arron, MD

Alternate Director
Fred Rotenberg, MD

Kristopher R. Davignon, MD

Alternate Delegate
Heather Panaro, MD
James Griffin, DO

RISA PAC Chair/Treasurer
ASA Legislative Chair

James Griffin, DO

RISA PAC Council


Peter Baziotis, MD;
Deborah Cahill, MD
Curt Gramlich, MD
Raul Masing, MD
John D Prinscott, MD




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